Auto tool to remove background from photo

Background Remover – service that automatically remove background from photo.

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Removed 10,000+ Backgrounds and saved uncountable Hours!

About Background Remover

 Known task – remove background from photo is very important for any online shop. Earlier it had only hand made solution by cutting object contour by hand it is accurate but time consuming process. Artificial intelligence help people to solve this task, just upload photo to the website and deep learning algorithm will choose main object on the frame and find it contour. Today it is free background remover tool. We are under development algorithm to make transparent background.

This tool is very helpful for:

Online shopping, E-commerce
Photographers, retouchers, freelancers
Businesses to demonstrate their products on white background
Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook bloggers

How to use:

1) Press “browse” – to upload file
2) Press “remove background” – to run algorithm
3) Wait few seconds
4) You can see 2 images – initial and without background
5) Press “Download” to download on PC result

Which format are supported?

You can remove background from PNG, JPG, JPEG images.

Does Background Remover depend on any software?

The background remover tool works online from the browser.

Where can I make more image processing?

You can check our friends websites who makes image enhancement, image upscaling, AI background remover, deblurring, image compression.

What photos does Background Remover work with?

Background Remover works with any image, but you will show a better result using photos with main object close to the center and much visually different from background.

More questions?

Message me at or contact in “Contact Us” form.