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Blur background in photo

It is often become situation when you would like to focus peoples attention to the front object. For example you have photo of the people and street background and you would like to highlight people for that we can blur street as background and save people without changes.


Blur option in the image – make averaging of the neighbor pixels and make smoother change in image intensity .

How to make the photo background blurry

  1. upload photo
  2. press “blur background”
  3. wait 5 – 10 seconds
  4. see initial image and image after blurring
  5. press “Download” to download image with updated background

How it works?

Firstly algorithm separate foreground object and picture background. Algorithm is based on Neural Network that has been trained to detect foreground and background parts. Then it blur background part separately and connect it to the object foreground. After that you can download new image with new background after blur.

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