Removing Background in rectangle

Please select ROI – rectangle of interest and remove background just from this region,

Rectangle left in % from width:
Rectangle right in % from width:
Rectangle top in % from height:
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Remove background in rectangle

It is often become situation that exist the most important place on the photo. For this case our team prepared tool where you can select rectangle to remove background from photo part in this rectangle. You can set left, top right and bottom position for this place. Let’s imagine that you have big panoramic photo and you have small object in top left part of whole photo. For this case has been developed this tool to remove background in rectangle.


ROI or Rectangle of interest – is the most important part of the image.

How to remove background in rect?

  1. set rect: left, right, top, bottom position of the rectangle of interest
  2. upload file
  3. press “Remove Background”
  4. wail 5-10 seconds
  5. see result of initial image and image after background removing
  6. press download to download image without background

How it works?

Firstly we crop image rectangle that you set as most important part of the image. Then Neural Network that has been trained to cut out the most important place on the photo process image and put object without background on the white background. After that you can download new image without background and cropped to ROI.